• Reduce the bounce rate from your email marketing campaigns.
  • Improve deliverability of the e-mails and your sender reputation.
  • Reduce the chances of building up spam traps in your list.
  • You pay less money to email marketing companies since you have less e-mails in your lists.

Why use email verification?

For E-mail Marketing Companies

Why use email verification?

For Individuals(Using our API)

  • Our API can validate the e-mails from your forms remotely.
  • You will have a clean database with e-mails that really exists.
  • Ensure the integrity of your data.


Fast Checking

We can verify millions e-mails per day
without any problem. The integrity of the data
is accurate no matter how fast we are.

We don’t hold for any reason the e-mails from the FREE verify and from API to our database. Only the e-mails from the bulk verifier are saved and that is happened because you need to download them when the verification is completed.


Reduce Bounce Rate

Verify - Emails is the complete solution
to verify your e-mail addresses and
to reduce the bounce rate from your
email marketing campaigns.


Optimize your marketing business

No more worries for blacklisted IP's

How It works? What is being verified ?

Syntax Check – E-mail Address Syntax
Domain Check – Does E-mail domain exists ?
User MailBox – We check if the mailbox exists.

FREE SERVICE You really want to test our service? With your registration you get 2000 CREDITS for the bulk verifier!! That means you can verify 2000 E-mails at any time you want for FREE!!

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